Why Online Learning?

My family and I travel full time as missionaries. For me, Regent
University is an answer to prayer. I can get my degree, and also travel around the world - the best of both worlds! Not to mention that online learning is built around your schedule. This is a prayer answered and I
love it!

Why Communications?

As I have been told in the past, 'I have the gift of gab.' However, I
want to receive a lot more from my degree in Communications than perfecting the art of talking, I desire to be able to reach a lost and dying world. I am praying that with my degree from Regent I will be able to have a greater knowledge and confidence with public speaking and
communicating effectively.

Why Christian Education?

Receiving a Christian Education is a key component for me. Growing up in a Christian household and now attending a Christian college only reaffirms my commitment to God.
Surrounding yourself with people of like beliefs strengthens your
confidence and your relationship with Christ. Being at Regent and receiving a Christian Education is a real blessing.

Friday, October 2, 2009

First Time for Everything:

Doing new things in life are never easy but they are eventually a necessity. These small steps in life enable us to grow into the person that we will become. We have all had “first times” in our lives and we all know that they have taught us a lot about ourselves and others. For me, this past week has been a lot of “first times.” This is my first blog, my first time to travel to Newfoundland, and my first time to eat seal. Yes, I have had a lot of interesting “firsts” this past week. Trying something new is hard in the beginning but somehow it can magically turn around to be a lifelong memory. This is what happened to me while I was in Newfoundland. Visiting a remote fishing village named Leading Tickles, with a population of about four-hundred people, I realized the meaning of loving life’s little “first times.” In the middle of nowhere, this small town embodied all that you could ever imagine from a fishing village. This sleepy community had no gas stations, restaurants, or hotels. It even had a sign, located in its park, saying “cell phone use here.” However, it had everything you could ask for in the hospitality of its people. Making you feel like you were family, they always showed nothing less than kindness and generosity. There generosity going as far as giving us a bottle of seal to eat. Tasting this reddish-brown colored meat with chunks of bones mixed in was less then appetizing. However, this beloved “Newfoundland snack” was given to us by one of these friendly people who had welcomed us into their hearts and homes. Therefore, it made the thought of the seal much better then how it tasted. For me, this past week has truly been unforgettable. It has been one for my history book and I want you to have that same feeling. In this coming week, be willing to try something different. Now you do not have to eat seal or travel to a remote fishing village, but you do have to try something new and out of the ordinary from your everyday routine. You will never know where your little step might take you. Always remember that there is a “first time for everything.”

Michelle Echterling


  1. Michelle!

    It is a pleasure to read your work :) I also read you in the RUN, congrats for being chosen as a writer!! I was chosen too so I hope I will get to meet you in the future or maybe get to know you a little bit.

  2. Sweet! a visit to NewFoundland- you're an official Noofy now =)

  3. Yes I am! The people there are so very sweet and loving, only wish I understood what they were saying :).

    In they words of the Newfie's... Thanks a bunches me love ;)