Why Online Learning?

My family and I travel full time as missionaries. For me, Regent
University is an answer to prayer. I can get my degree, and also travel around the world - the best of both worlds! Not to mention that online learning is built around your schedule. This is a prayer answered and I
love it!

Why Communications?

As I have been told in the past, 'I have the gift of gab.' However, I
want to receive a lot more from my degree in Communications than perfecting the art of talking, I desire to be able to reach a lost and dying world. I am praying that with my degree from Regent I will be able to have a greater knowledge and confidence with public speaking and
communicating effectively.

Why Christian Education?

Receiving a Christian Education is a key component for me. Growing up in a Christian household and now attending a Christian college only reaffirms my commitment to God.
Surrounding yourself with people of like beliefs strengthens your
confidence and your relationship with Christ. Being at Regent and receiving a Christian Education is a real blessing.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh Canada:

Oh Canada!

The home of Tim Hortons, maple syrup, and colorful money. It is the birthplace of the iconic saying, “eh.” Where a chesterfield is what you and I would call couch and where tennis shoes are renamed runners. This is also where the national pastime is a sport called Hockey. However, I enjoy the exciting game of Curling, where sweeping the ice causes the heavy stone to score a point. I could go on and on forever about the land of my second home! However, just one look at what Canada has to offer, and you too will say "Oh Canada!"

Enjoy the picture!

Michelle Echterling

*Are there any Canadian Bloggers??? If so, then can you guess where this picture was taken???


  1. HAHAHA- we rock the Rockies =D Glad you enjoyed your trip! =)

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