Why Online Learning?

My family and I travel full time as missionaries. For me, Regent
University is an answer to prayer. I can get my degree, and also travel around the world - the best of both worlds! Not to mention that online learning is built around your schedule. This is a prayer answered and I
love it!

Why Communications?

As I have been told in the past, 'I have the gift of gab.' However, I
want to receive a lot more from my degree in Communications than perfecting the art of talking, I desire to be able to reach a lost and dying world. I am praying that with my degree from Regent I will be able to have a greater knowledge and confidence with public speaking and
communicating effectively.

Why Christian Education?

Receiving a Christian Education is a key component for me. Growing up in a Christian household and now attending a Christian college only reaffirms my commitment to God.
Surrounding yourself with people of like beliefs strengthens your
confidence and your relationship with Christ. Being at Regent and receiving a Christian Education is a real blessing.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Helicopter Ride:

Helicopter Ride:
This was the very first time that I have ever ridden on a helicopter and it was amazing! I know that I would do it again in a heartbeat, not even think twice. My parents and I were offered a free (yes, I said free) helicopter ride through the Bitterroot Valley in Montana. This hour long ride took us into Idaho and into the Canyons, we even saw a perfect rainbow on the trip. Needless to say, the helicopter ride was amazing, wonderful, breathtaking, and an experience that was truly unforgettable.

The only thing that I could say was “this is so much better then Disney World!”

Enjoy the pictures,


Me and My Mom:

The Beautiful Rainbow:

Lake Como:

The Helicopter and My Parents:
Want-to-be Pilot Michelle:


  1. You should be hehe. Next time, your coming with! ;D

  2. I was very entertained and informed at the same time with your blog post. And that picture of yours is truly stunning.

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